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Introduction to enterprise education

Learn about EE

1. Students will do an onscreen ranking activity looking at the things that will lead to a successful and content life (“Positive mindset” etc.)

2. Students will look at some statistics about the changing world and how the world may be in the future when they are looking for work

3. We introduce the concept of EE with a brief look at its history in the UK and China

4. Students look at some UK universities that are doing interesting things with EE

5. Students are introduced to the skills that will be useful in the future (“assessing risk quickly”, “working with incomplete information” etc.)

6. Students look at the phrase “Make Ideas Happen” and analyse why it’s important and how much they do it themselves.


Queen Mary Students

To make a clear connection between students at QMS and NPU

A video shows students in Queen Mary introducing themselves and raising a challenge that they face every day in university



Concept canvas

Planning ideas!

Students break into groups of ten and they work through a “concept canvas”. This is broken into:

1. concept

2. customers

3. competitors

4. compatibility

5. contents

6. cash



One-minute video production

Student challenge!

Students are presented with a challenge under extreme time pressure to produce an advertisement for their solution with their phones that will be shown to everyone. They will be assessed according to four categories:

1. creativity

2. communication

3. collaboration

4. critical thinking



Reflection activity

Reflect on learning about EE

We look at the skills from earlier and think about how many of them the students had to use to produce their short films. Things such as “extreme time pressure”, “collaboration” etc.



Presentation of videos and awards

Share student films

We show the ten films back to back and the team of judges from the embassy decide on a winner from each of the four categories.



British universities

Share what is happening in the UK

We look at some of the ways that students can continue to develop this enterprising spirit, some of the events that are happening in the UK and end with a call to “make ideas happen”

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