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11 December 2017, Xi’an- in line with the Spirit of Youth themes of Education and Innovation, the British Embassy will bring leading UK expertise in the form of Venture Education to run a three-hour “Enterprise Education” workshop for students at the new campus of the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU).


NPU and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in Britain draw on the academic expertise of both institutions and have established ajoint educational institution (JEI) –QMUL Engineering School, NPU. JEI takes advantage of the strengths of two distinct educational cultures – the mathematical and scientific rigor found in China and the emphasis placed on creative problem-solving and transferable skills in the UK. Students graduate with a unique blend of skills, valued in China and around the world.


As the world changes, today’s graduates must use the knowledge they’ve learned to find innovative solutions to modern challenges. Enterprise education has spread across every university in the UK and teaches students the idea of having an enterprising mind-set they can apply to undertake entrepreneurial activities (as varied as fundraising for charity, supporting the local community or starting a small business) to encourage and nurture world changing innovation.


Spirit of Youth – Make Ideas Happen” will see top enterprise educators from the UK and China run an interactive workshop that will encourage the students not just to dream, but to act, not only to follow, but also lead; in short, they will “make ideas happen.” The workshop will include numerous group activities; some surprise guests, an extreme challenge and prizes to be won for the most enterprising teams!

在“灵动青春-让创意想法付诸行动力”活动中,来自中英两国的创新创业教育专家将会举办一个互动工作坊,鼓励学生敢于梦想,付诸实践,能够跟随思潮,也能引领思潮。 让创新思想付诸行动力!工作坊的内容设计精彩纷呈;届时不仅会有惊喜的嘉宾, 一个极限挑战,还有大奖颁发给获胜团队。

“Enterprise education is the future”, says Charlotte Smith from Venture Education, “being able to make ideas happen makes people more fulfilled not only professionally but also in their personal lives. Having a positive mind-set, being empathetic and having a positive impact is good for individuals and the world around them.”

“创新创业教育是未来教育的发展方向”,问创教育的Charlotte Smith表示:能够把想法付诸于行动,不仅使他们在事业上而且在个人生活领域也能获得更多的成就感。构筑积极的思维,保持同理心并做出积极的影响,这不仅于个人,也是对周围世界的贡献。

Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm, 11th December 2017

Venue: Room 408, East Teaching Building B, Northwestern Polytechnical University Chang’an Campus

时间:1211日晚上630 - 930



Spirit of Youth – Make Ideas Happen

UK-NPU Enterprise Education Workshop







Great inventions of the UK and China

Fun introduction

Students will get into groups of four and take part in a 12-slide quiz about famous inventions and innovations from the UK and China. The winning team will get a small prize.

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